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It is very important to set a plan of your life, yes of course you can travel through life with an abstract view of life what could be wrong with that? I would see that you are possible simply living as you should in the moment, in the now.

So the idea of a plan is if there are certain dreams & goals you wish to achieve or day dream about, its in those moments that your awareness ponders the thoughts of what if! Your awareness will be driven by your conscious mind and try to bring to your attention that you are here on Earth for a journey there is a plan!

Most of us know this with the nagging feelings that you should be doing something else or is this all there is?


It's important to ask within' what your journey is, ask yourself!

Don't ask others ask yourself, you can ask for guidance if you wish but only you hold the answers to you, ask quietly or loudly if you wish & you will be governed the answer. The answer will come by some way, you will feel it if it's right. It may make no sense to you or it may make perfect sense. Believe in your dreams, your goals, your desires, who you wish to become, this is the true essence of you.