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Ever had the experience, of driving for a short time or long journey and when you arrive at your destination, your not sure how you got there, or even remember driving....or waking up along the way and thinking....I'm not sure where I ' what part of the journey am I up to? Well most people live there life journey like this, on AUTO PILOT

& allow Governments, Corporations, Other people to run there life for them, what a sad waste, we are born into slavery, but you are born with free will, you get to choose, live in someone else's reality or your own. Your suppose to be the PILOT!

Theories of the mind-Science Resources-If you like to research

Conscious Mind-Subconscious Mind-Unconscious Mind

Frequency & Heart Coherence

Words Of Sabotage

Mind Health

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What you think matters!

Wisdom Within'

Your life;

is a journey, don't forget about the journey, no matter the white noise around you focus on your life. Work with your subconscious mind to eliminate negative thoughts try and replace one negative thought with a positive thought, you have to work at it every day. You are a life lived that has been told how it is and who you are, for some this is a good (positive) experience for some this has been bad (negative) experience. The journey is finding out who you are, who you truly are!

What you think matters, if you focus on a negative experience your living in the past and in turn recreating that experience into your life, this is why the same experience keeps happening in your life. Focus on what you do want, how you want your life to be, we can only be what we believe, the CODE is BELIEVE. We can only be what we believe, you are born with free will, you get to choose, no one is greater than the other, life doesn't work like that.

Feel gratitude, feel what you want as if it has already happened, NOT DOWN THE TRACK, as if it has already happened.

We can not control the forces around us or others but we can control ourselves, how we act, how we react. You are an amazing, special Human Being that is gifted, talented, Unique, our subconscious mind is a software sophisticated program that runs on autopilot, it keeps us alive with that it is designed to keep you doing the same thing as yesterday because whatever you did yesterday is the result of you being today. The subconscious mind is a servant, it runs the body system, it's not designed to run the show,


Become the Pilot, take hold of the controls and start driving....

Set a plan

  • 1- Set a plan.
  • 2- See that plan in you life.
  • 3- Work at it everyday-in thought & action.
  • 4-Believe in it.         

You are the creator of your life, no one else!

There is a purpose to thought....What you think matters....

What you think you create....Think about that!

If you work at this you will see your life change!

Trust me as a Martial Arts Instructor, I've seen hundreds of lives change through my Martial Art Schools.