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Truths & Myths of Frequency

Why do I play / tune my instruments & record in (432 Hz) frequency? 

It sounds right to me, the tones sound richer to my ear and with electric guitar I find I get better sustain rather than tuning down a semitone I always play in (432Hz) or which ever frequency I am experimenting in but I predominantly play in (432Hz). Although I have viewed all the conspiracy theories and a lot of this knowledge makes sense it falls down at the point it is not a law to play or tune instruments in (440Hz) its just a standard that's all. With (440Hz) a standard, there's so much more you will find in tone & playing with other frequencies.

Like when you buy a car it has a standard radio in it, so you pull it out & put a better system in WHY? It sounds better!

Like tuning a radio station in & it hits the right channel & the static goes, your ears go ahhhh', that's how (432) hears to my ears.

If you play acoustic there is no comparison (432Hz) wins, it's the wood & earth tones!

Try acoustic-(432Hz)-(Open D Tuning - D-A-D-F#-A-D) - (D-A-D-G-A-D)

You can play the D scales over these open tunings.

The frequency (432Hz) is also more natural for singers.

Sue Sharp

we are but antennas open receivers of positive & negative! 

Music is frequency programming, music is frequency,

What frequency are you being feed? If I play with frequencies I can target certain parts of the mind, the brain processes information electrically it communicates with the cellular structure electrically and it operates within a certain band of frequency. If you can broadcast frequencies carrying information; carrying information & perceptions within the frequency that the brain decodes. The brain decodes those frequencies and will then have those perceptions. You can externally by broadcasting these frequencies, you can externally influence peoples perceptions by broadcasting these frequencies that we interact with because we are antenna.

As we play our music at at (440Hz) Why when it used to (417HZ) - (440Hz) came in with the Roman Catholic Church. they supressed the frequencies and lost some how 152 of the best Gregorian chants, including The Hymn of John the Baptist. 

Which has now been recovered, these lost hymns is what triggered an investigation hence started the search for those lost frequencies of vibration which music was played in. To shut down 95% of your brain, particularly the right brain that operates the heart, mind to the divine Human Community. Every thought, every emotion response is a frequency. 

It generates a frequency and it is of itself a frequency.

Hate is a frequency, love is a frequency,

If your in a room & there's a lot of aggression, conflict, hatred, you feel it, hence the saying you can cut the air with a knife, that's because the frequency that has been generated has changed the electric magnetic field in the room. (We've all experienced this right)

(David Icke - Video Advice - London Real)

(I have no idea & I could only find 1 cover on youtube -(The Hymn of John The Baptist) whom wanted $9 for the download,

so if any of you good peoples stumble across it, I would love to hear it, must sound amazing)

As always.... I urge you to go study up chase your own back roads, knowledge is power....

I have a link here for you of the writings of (Alan Cross) publication into the great (440 Hz) Conspiracy. This is the best research publication I have found....

I hope this helps all you confused musos & listeners, let the choice be your ears, but when I play, I can feel what the tones want to tell me. I do not create anything, I am but a receiver!

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