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Affirmations - Wisdom Within'

Anything is possible if you believe!

What you think matters, what you think you create, 

what you believe you shall have!

Believe is the CODE

Letting go of the past experiences,

 allows you to be in the now.

The present moment,

 being in the now allows you to create your tomorrow.

You are an amazing gift to the Earth,

Special in your own unique way.

Your light has been dimmed by words, statements that have been said to you. For some actions that have been placed upon you but you are not a victim. 

Your team of Me-Myself-I will not allow you to be anything but a survivor! 

You can change your life,

there are no mistakes only experiences.

It all starts with what you think, what you think to do creates an action, actions have a result or consequence.

You are the creator of your life.

YOU BELIEVE in your goals & dreams, work towards that goal/dream & it will manifest before you!

The Earth has been evolving long before us,

We are connected to the Earth, whatever she goes through we (humanity) will be affected by. As the Earth rotates the Sun this is the natural cycle of time, the evolution of Earth & Humanity has alway been the bringing of a new age.

You can be a positive cell or a negative cell see out of your tiny life

that you are part & connected to something much bigger, 

much greater.  

We are all connected!

You are a success, the Universe does not hold favor, 

whatever you desire is here for you focus on what you wish to achieve & work towards what you want but don't focus on money the Universe does not understand currency. 

Focus on how your want your life to be, see it NOW, not down the track, like the waves of the ocean what you think out you draw back to you to your shore to your door!

Ever wonder why the same experience comes to you, over & over?

Do you think, you might think the experience over & over?


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