Sue Sharp Music


Words Of Sabotage....

Words that I dislike & find offensive to the Human Psyche

PERFECT - Perfection

CAN'T - Can not

Perfect; Don't give up remember your a product always of your past so you can only move forward into the real you with impowered knowledge, live in today, that's whom you need to see, in the now. Don't ask others ask yourself questions about you, if you listen closely you will feel the answer. It's okay to have imperfections' it's what makes us real, we are not here to become perfect, we're here on Earth to grow  to learn. 

I never want my music to be perfect or it will have no feeling. Perfection is like running in your dreams, you never seem to get anywhere! You can only strive to better. There is nothing worse than going to a live show and the artist is miming over a recording simply because they are to afraid to show imperfection, when it is the imperfection or realness that people are drawn too or want to see.

Like cooking a recipe 1000 times & when people come over and it turns out a flop....Oh' laugh and eat toast....get pizza, enjoy the laugh the experience of the moment.

Same for athletes with pressure to perform to win but their journey may require them to loose for their own growth and watchful eyes & hearts willing them on. Get rid of perfect - try to be better at being you everyday! 

Can't; this is my favourite disliked word as it will fail you before you begin. 

If you are unable say you are unable, there are many reasons why we may be unable to achieve at a set task, the word can't (can not) tells your subconscious mind to not bother so it will impulse you back to the couch, the bag of chips or your addiction, because that is what kept you alive yesterday and you seemed quite happy. Changing your thought pattern to I will start one tiny piece of the task tells your subconscious mind that you are the boss and you are ABLE to start chipping away at the task. Well this will change everything to your subconscious mind. If you complete the tiny step you intended will now send happy hormones into your body system which will make your body & mind react differently tomorrow. There is no such thing as CAN'T - find a way - work at it - one step at a time!